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[Stats] Buyer Personas Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Why Great Inbound Marketing is based on Perfecting this One Strategy

All great marketing campaigns have one thing in common: emotion. Great marketing creates an emotional response in the consumer.

You can't create great marketing, or marketing that speaks to a potential customer on an emotional level if you don't understand their needs, challenges or reasons behind why they are looking for your products and services in the first place.

This means as a marketer you must go beyond typical demographic research such as age, income, and education, and dig into the motivations, goals and change-drivers of your ideal customers. Or in other words, you must develop a Buyer Persona.

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What are Buyer Personas?

Buyer Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. They are based on real data about customer demographics, online behavior, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns.

How do you Create Buyer Personas?

In addition to understanding basic demographic information, like age, gender or even geographic market, there are 3 core areas to flush-out when it comes to incorporating Buyer Personas into an inbound marketing strategy

  1. Background
  2. Core Functions
  3. Common Questions


Knowing a personas background will make them more relatable while creating sales & marketing materials. This personal background information may include age, marital status, if they have kids, or whether they live in an urban or rural area. This background information helps to paint a picture of who this persona is.

Core Functions

Each persona should include a synopsis of their core functions at the organization they work at. This begins to identify the context of their possible pains and challenges which would result in them purchasing your product or service.

But wait, what if they are no longer employed, such as a retiree? It's possible there are trends among your retired ideal customers when it comes to past employment that could play into the marketing materials you ultimately create. You can also list what they like to spend their time doing now that they're retired.

Common Questions

Understanding the common questions a persona asks during the buying journey is the most important step in being able to provide context to the buyer, in the hopes of helping them make an informed purchase decision.

The Result?

Marketers that take the time to develop buyer personas experience:

  • 18X more revenue from personalized emails, versus one-message-fits-all emails.[1]
  • Personalized emails experience an improved click-through-rates by 14%.[2]
  • Websites that are 2 - 5X more useful and easier to use by their targeted personas. [3]

Don't skip this step!

The answers to common questions and knowing the background of your personas' will ultimately drive your content strategy and give it the context it needs to resonate with your ideal customers.

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